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We are Icelandic Carpentry. We offer creative solutions for every budget and every project. We take great pride in our work and everything we create is executed with precision and love – as if it were our own. Our highest priorities are attention to detail, time, budget and a clean work environment. With more than 30 years of experience, we understand that renovations can be overwhelming and each project is unique. We want to ensure that your vision is realized. We can help you fine tune your design choices or suggest complete concepts for your consideration.

About Icelandic Carpentry

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Happy Clients

  • “If you are lucky, you may get to hear Icelandic spoken.”

  • “I liked having you around!”

  • “Any changes in budget are mentioned ahead of time, with reasons pro and con.”

  • “Renovation with Jenn and Einar is a good experience.”

  • "The schedule beforehand and updates during the work flow mean you always know where things are at."

  • "Quality of work – this needs no explicit pitch. People can see it."